WebEx Meetings Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about purchasing Cisco WebEx Meetings.

Pricing and Plans

What are the differences among WebEx Premium 8, 25, and 100 plans?

WebEx Premium plans offer the same meeting features, such as desktop, document, and application sharing, and high-definition video conferencing. They also allow users to attend by phone, not just by VoIP (which uses your computer’s built-in audio over the Internet). With a Premium 8 plan, you are limited to 1 host license and up to 8 meeting participants (including you, the host). Premium 25 allows you to purchase up to 9 host licenses so that others on your team can schedule and host meetings. Up to 25 people can attend your meetings with a Premium 25 plan. Premium 100 plans also allow up to 9 host licenses, and have a meeting capacity of 100 attendees.

Can I upgrade my WebEx Free account to WebEx Premium?

Yes! If you currently have a WebEx Free account, you can upgrade to Premium any time by signing in to My Account.

Can I change my payment terms from monthly to annual?

Yes, you can change your payment terms by logging into My Account.

What if I need more than 100 participants in a meeting?

If you need to meet with groups larger than 100, please contact our Solutions Specialists at 1-877-509-3239 to discuss these products for large-scale events: WebEx Enterprise, and WebEx Event Center, Training Center, and Support Center.

Is WebEx Meetings available outside of the U.S?

You may host and attend WebEx web conferences anywhere in the world. However, to make a purchase with a billing address outside the U.S. or Canada, choose your billing country.


What are my audio options?

Integrated audio is part of every WebEx product. A single meeting invitation covers both the web and phone connections for your meeting.

When you purchase WebEx Meetings, you choose the type of audio you want to include, and whether to purchase an optional audio plan.

  • VoIP (Internet calling) lets participants attend meetings using their computers' built-in audio systems. (Integrated into all WebEx Meetings packages.)
  • Toll call-in (by phone) provides a phone number that participants can use to join the conference. Long distance charges may apply. (Available only with WebEx Meetings Premium accounts.)
  • Call Me is an option available with any WebEx Meetings Premium plan. Instead of calling into meetings, your meeting calls you. One click replaces strings of dial-in numbers and access codes. And it's toll-free. U.S. and Canada customers can also add Western Europe to their Call Me plans, so your meeting will call participants when it's time to join.
  • Toll-free call-in provides attendees with a toll-free number so they may choose to attend the meeting at no expense to them. (Part of the Call Me/Toll-free add-on package; not available for WebEx Meeting Free accounts.)

WebEx Meetings Free and Premium accounts support mixed conferencing capabilities, so different people can join by computer (VoIP) or phone within the same session.

Active Speaker technology dynamically features the current speaker whether you are in a video conference or an audio-only meeting. As the host, you can mute any or all attendees, and participants can mute or unmute their own audio.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or internet calling lets participants attend meetings using their computers' built-in audio systems rather than attending
by phone.

What's the difference between toll and toll-free?

With accounts that do not include a Call Me/Toll-Free plan, attendees call an ordinary toll phone number. Long distance charges from each individual's phone carrier may apply. An example of a toll call-in number is (650) 555-1234.

If the WebEx account includes a Call Me/Toll-Free plan, attendees can call in to a toll-free number and won't have to pay long distance charges from their phone carriers. An example of a toll-free number is (800) 555-1234.

Can I offer a toll-free number to my callers?

Yes. The ability to attend toll-free is included in a Call Me/Toll-free plan, an optional add-on available with WebEx Premium accounts.

Choose a Call Me/Toll-Free plan right for you. You can pay as you go for just 12¢ per minute, per attendee. Or get a lower rate by purchasing a monthly package of phone conferencing minutes.

Call Me/Toll-Free plan
(minutes per month)
 Monthly rate Cost per minute,
per attendee
500 Minutes$45
1200 Minutes$998.25¢
3000 Minutes$2257.5¢

For international plans and rates, contact our Solutions Specialists at 1-877-509-3239.

Can I add a Call Me/Toll-Free plan to a WebEx Free account?

No, Call Me/Toll-Free is only available as an add-on to a WebEx Meetings Premium 8, 25, or 100 account.

Are Call Me/Toll-Free charges billed monthly or annually?

Your Call Me/Toll-Free plan will be billed monthly, even if you choose to pay for your meeting plan annually.

Call Me/Toll-Free minutes do not roll over to the next month. Audio minutes used beyond the plan minutes are billed at the pay-as-you-go rate.

Can I use my own teleconference number?

You may use WebEx with any third-party phone conferencing solution. However, using third-party phone conferencing will require that you schedule the phone and web portions of your meeting separately. You also won't have Active Speaker — which shows you who is talking — or the ability to mute attendees from within your WebEx meeting.

WebEx Meetings Features

What is a host?

The host on an account is licensed to organize, schedule, and start online meetings. Each host has a host license, which allows a specific user to host meetings for a particular account. Host licenses may not be shared or used by anyone other than the person to whom the license is assigned.

There is an additional fee for each host license you add to your account. You can add host licenses to an existing account by signing in to My Account.

With a WebEx Meetings Premium 25 or 100 plan, you can have a maximum of 9 host licenses. WebEx Meetings Free and Premium 8 accounts allow only one host.

Can I share my host license?

No, host licenses may not be shared or used by anyone other than the person to whom the license is assigned.

However, if you find other members of your team need to be able to host meetings, it's easy to purchase additional host licenses in My Account. With a WebEx Meetings Premium 25 or 100 plan, you can have a maximum of 9 host licenses. (WebEx Meetings Free and Premium 8 accounts allow only one host.)

If you need more than 9 licenses, please contact our Solutions Specialists at 1-877-509-3239.

Can I record my WebEx meetings?

Yes! Record any of your WebEx sessions for sharing or reviewing later. A link to your recording will be available in your Meeting Space or on your WebEx site for you to access and share.

Can I use WebEx from my mobile phone?

Yes! WebEx Mobile for WebEx Meetings and Meeting Center allows you to host and attend meetings on 3G/4G or WIFI from your smartphone or tablet. You can:

  • Schedule, host, and attend meetings
  • Pass the presenter role to someone who wants to share content
  • View presentations and shared content and see who's in the meeting
Do I get technical support?

WebEx Premium accounts come with 24 x 7 live technical support. Sign in to My Account to contact support.

All WebEx users also have access to a variety of online help articles, videos, and user guides that address common questions.

Account and Terms & Conditions

How do I change or cancel my WebEx Meetings account?

To make changes to your WebEx Meetings Free or Premium account, sign in to My Account. There, you can upgrade a Free account to Premium, downgrade your Premium account, add audio plans and features, increase storage space, and more.

If you downgrade your WebEx Meetings Premium account to a Free account, you will still have access to your files, recordings, and limited features of WebEx Meetings. You will no longer have any monthly or annual charges following the end of your current billing term.

Where can I see complete terms and conditions?

You can find complete terms and conditions here.