Cisco WebEx WebOffice &
Workspace End-of-Life (EOL) Resources

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    As of December 5, 2013, Cisco WebEx LLC has begun the End-of-Life (EOL) process for WebEx WebOffice ("WebExOne") and WebEx Workspace services.

    These products are being discontinued due to market demand, shifts in technology, and a change in focus and investment. There will not be a direct replacement for WebOffice and Workspace services within Cisco's product portfolio. It is recommended that you consider alternative vendor solutions as early as possible.
    Below is a series of key milestones to help you manage the End-of-Life transition:
    End-of-Life (EOL) AnnouncementEnd-of-Life notification is distributed via email to customersDecember 5, 2013
    End-of-Sale (EOS)The last day to create new WebOffice or Workspace accounts or additional sitesDecember 5, 2013
    Monthly Reminder NotificationsMonthly notifications emailed to customers regarding EOL process until the End-of-Life date1st week of every month
    End-of-Life and End of SupportThe last day to receive service & support. After this date, all sites will be decommissioned; users will no longer have access to their WebOffice and Workspace sites.November 30, 2014
    Below are PDF copies of the various communications and resource documents we have delivered to our customers and partners:

    Customer EOL Notification (Announcement): English / Deutsch / Japanese
    Customer EOL FAQ: English / Deutsch / Japanese

    Partner EOL Notification: English
    Partner EOL FAQ: English

    End-User EOL Notification (for Resellers): English
    End-User EOL FAQ (for Resellers): English

    WebEx Mail FAQ: English

    Export & Backup Tool Documents(see table)
    Document NameDescriptionLanguage
    Export & Backup GuideTo assist both Members and Administrators on exporting & backing up content on their siteEnglish / Deutsch / Japanese
    Admin Backup FAQFrequently Asked Questions related to this activityEnglish / Deutsch / Japanese
    Member Backup FAQFrequently Asked Questions related to this activityEnglish / Deutsch / Japanese
    To reach the Customer Service teams for assistance, please refer to the URL below:

    For Technical Support, Account Management, and Finance resource information

    For Account Management, contact your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM).*
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    * If you are a Workspace customer and not sure who is your assigned Customer Success Manager, please make an inquiry through Customer Service page.