Get started with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center today

Our Fast Start kit gives you the basics on how to use WebEx Meeting Center. Learn how to schedule and start a meeting and use our interactive features.

You should have received your WebEx account sign-in details in an email. If you didn't, or don't have the information on hand, you can retrieve your password here.


Schedule and start a meeting

Schedule a meeting

As a host, you have the ability to schedule and start your own meeting, invite participants, and set up the audio portion of the meeting.

Start a meeting

As the host of the meeting, you must start the meeting for everyone else and you will have control of the meeting once the session has opened.

PC users: Try our Productivity Tools plug-in
Schedule or start a meeting with one click from your desktop, Outlook, or Office application. Learn more about Productivity tools


Interactive tools

Make another participant a presenter (pass the ball)

Use tools within your meeting to make your sessions more dynamic and productive. Keep everyone engaged so you can get more done.

As the host you can give control or pass the ball to another attendee so they can share their own documents during a meeting.


Collaborate on any document in real time with your participants. Choose how you want to share your document from three different types of sharing you can use within your WebEx meeting:

- Share a document.
- Share an application.
- Share a desktop.

Download the Host Feature Guide to learn more about the Meeting Center meeting interface and its features.

Find out more about interactive tools in the Key Features kit


Additional tools

Record your meetings

This handy feature enables you to access past meetings to review the topics discussed. Email the recording to invitees who were unable to attend to keep them on the same page.

Use video within your meeting

Turn your web meeting into a video conference. Share up to 6 webcams at one time.

Use chat during a meeting

Use the chat function to send a private message to one or more participants during your meeting.

Find out more about additional tools in the Key Features kit.
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