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Cisco WebEx Mobile App

for iPad and iPhone

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  • What capabilities do I get on the mobile app?

    • Join the meeting via the WebEx Meetings email invite, the WebEx Meetings site URL, your My Meetings List, or the meeting number.
    • Join the meeting before the host.
    • Integrated VoIP audio and web conferencing on Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and LTE.
    • Personal Conferencing Number (PCN) support.
    • Full-screen meeting view.
    • View attendee list.
    • View shared content with annotations.
    • Pinch to zoom and scan.
    • Private or group chat.
    • Share a file during a meeting (iPad only, not available for Free plans).
  • How do I know if I can host a meeting? What can a host do?

    Your company's WebEx Meetings plan will have a certain number of host licenses. Find out if you have host capabilities. If you do, you will have the following capabilities:

    • Schedule, start, or cancel a meeting.
    • Start a Meet Now meeting instantly.
    • Invite others to a meeting.
    • Make someone else a host.
    • Pass presenter capabilities to another participant.
    • Promote/Demote panelists (WebEx Training Center).
    • Expel a participant from a meeting.
    • Record the meeting.
  • What video conference features are available for iPad and iPhone?

    • Two-way, high-quality, multipoint video with camera switcher (iPhone 4 or greater, iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Mini, Mini 3 and iPad Air, Air 2).
    • Voice-activated video switching.
    • Full-screen video.
    • View content and video simultaneously.
    • VoIP — Connect using your device's audio system over the Internet (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch when using cellular or Wi-Fi. VoIP-only attendance is available on WBS 28 or Cisco WebEx Meetings 1.2 or greater).
    • Support for Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms Cloud Hybrid.
    • Support for Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms Cloud (WBS29.9 required).
    • Wideband audio support for internet calling (VoIP).
  • What audio conferencing is supported?

    WebEx Audio, MeetingPlace audio, Third-party provider (Telephony and VoIP), and VoIP-only audio are supported (requires T28 and above). WebEx VoIP is not available on TSP WebEx sites.

    If you do not use integrated WebEx Audio or the meeting does not have WebEx VoIP enabled, then you will need to manually join the audio conferencing on a phone.

  • Can I sign up for an account from within the WebEx Meetings application?

    Yes, WebEx Meetings allows you to sign up for a WebEx Meetings Free account allowing you to host unlimited meetings for up to 3 people. However, you will not be able to upgrade to a paid account from within the application.

  • Are there any limitations to what I can do with the mobile app using my Cisco WebEx account?

    Certain restrictions may apply based on your company's policies and WebEx implementation.

  • What video capabilities are supported?

    • Preview your video before sending to other participants (iPad only).
    • Video window view allows iPad and iPhone participants to view all video-enabled participants (including you) — simply swipe left or right to view all others.
    • Active Speaker view in which participants can see who's talking, and simultaneously view shared content. Simultaneous video and content sharing on iPad only; the Active Speaker picture within a picture frame can be moved around.
    • Video-conferencing view allows participants to see who's talking in full-screen mode with a view of themselves as a picture within a picture.
    • When viewing video over cellular or mobile data networks, video will be locked in Active Speaker mode.
    • Video is not supported on iPhone 4 or lower.
  • We use WebEx Meetings across our company. What enterprise features does the mobile app have, and can it be used internationally?

    • Enable users to join a meeting from behind the firewall using Wi-Fi proxy support.
    • Single sign-on (SSO) is supported for corporate sites.
    • Support for Cisco WebEx VoIP-only meeting sites.
    • Support for end-to-end encryption meeting sites.
    • Third-party service povider Hybrid audio support.
    • Available in 12 languages.
  • Is Cisco WebEx Meetings on the iPad and iPhone available globally?

    Cisco WebEx Meetings is available on all global App Stores. It is available in English, Traditional and Simple Chinese, Dutch (Netherlands), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, and Russian.

  • Is it free to attend a meeting on an iPad or iPhone?

    Yes, there is no cost to download the Cisco WebEx mobile app or to attend any meetings that you've been invited to join. However, meeting hosts need to have a current WebEx Meetings account to schedule or host a meeting on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Regular data charges still apply; please check with your carrier for more information.

  • Are there any special requirements to join the audio conferencing using VoIP?

    Use a headset to ensure best VoIP quality on the iPad.

    Please note that Internet calling needs to be turned on by the your site administrator. Internet calling may not be available in some regions due to country restrictions.

  • Can I invite people to my meeting from an iPad or iPhone?

    Yes, if you are a licensed host, you can invite people to your meeting from the "My Meetings" screen or via the Participant List after joining your meeting.

  • Are there any Cisco WebEx Meetings features not currently supported in the native app?

    • Single Sign-On
    • Meeting handoff
    • WebEx Meetings profile pictures
    • Meeting Spaces, comments (can go to mobile browser)
    • MeetingPlace Audio
    • Anyone Can Share
  • Can I host a WebEx Training Center session from an iPad or iPhone?

    Yes, you can host/manage training sessions from your iPad or iPhone just as you would a WebEx meeting, including the ability to promote attendees to be panelists. If you are an attendee, you can also be promoted to a panelist. As a panelist you can answer questions from the Q&A. As a host in a WebEx Training Center session, the ability to start a recording is not enabled.


  • System requirements

    Apple iOS 7.0 and above with an active Wi-Fi or cellular connection is required.

  • Video resolution on the iPad

    Portrait view (3 video screens) – 90p for each video
    Landscape view (4 video screens) – 90p for each video
    Single Active Speaker – 180p
    Full screen – 360p

  • Video resolution on the iPhone

    Portrait view (Single Active Speaker) – 90p
    Landscape view (4 video screens) – 90p for each video
    Full screen – 180p


  • What’s new in version 6.6?

    Version 6.6 features: Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, support for iOS 8, the ability to start a Network Based Recording, the addition of a Video Over Cellular setting to give you more control over your mobile data usage, and a Participants panel that is even easier to use. We’ve also added some new first time user help screens to make it easier for people to understand what they can do with WebEx on the iPhone or iPad.

    Verizon customers: With iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Verizon customers can now use simultaneous voice and data. Please enable this setting at: Settings –> Cellular –> Select Enabled LTE Voice & Data.

    * With the release of WBS 29.11 (targeted for General Availability Q1 CY15), version 6.6 will also support:

    • Anyone Can Share (iPad only) – Any participant can share their content without the host making them a presenter
    • Enhanced video quality – Video frame rate increased from 6 fps to 15 fps

    iPad | iPhone

  • Is upgrading to version 6.6 mandatory

    No, upgrading is not mandatory but it is necessary in order to get the new features listed above. To upgrade, visit the App Store and download the latest version of Cisco WebEx Meetings for Apple iOS.

Install and Use

  • Downloading Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone

    The app is available on the App Store.

  • Scheduling or starting a meeting on the iPad or iPhone

    You can start an instant meeting or schedule a meeting and invite others to it. Start a scheduled meeting anytime — all from your iPad or iPhone. WebEx Training Center sessions must be started from the desktop.

    • From the "My Meeting" screen, select the '+' icon in the upper right corner of the Meeting Pane.
      • Choose Meet Now to start an instant meeting
      • Choose Schedule to set up a meeting for a later time:
        • Enter your meeting title, date, and time, and choose attendees.
        • If the meeting is starting soon, start it from this screen. Select the "Start" button to begin.
        • If you are scheduling a meeting for later, tap schedule and you'll be returned to the My Meetings screen.
  • Joining a meeting

    You can join using one of the following methods:

    • Go to your WebEx Meetings invitation email and click on the "To join this meeting" link.
    • Launch the WebEx Meetings app on your iPad or iPhone and enter the meeting number.
    • Sign into your WebEx account on your iPad and join from the "My Meetings" screen.
  • Connecting to the meeting audio

    When you join a meeting you will be asked whether you'd like to connect to the audio using VOIP or phone. If you select VOIP, you will be immediately connected to the audio (muted automatically). If you select phone, you will be called back at a number of your choosing if your meeting site has call-back enabled. You will not be muted automatically. If you choose not to use call-back, you can click the info icon to see a list of call-in numbers. If your meeting site does not have call-back enabled, you will be able to call in at the audio prompt (depending on your site configuration).

  • Using audio and sharing documents (data) at the same time

    If you are using a CDMA network, such as Sprint or Verizon, network limitations prevent you from having a voice call and using data services at the same time. In this case, joining the audio portion of the meeting through a voice call means you won't be able to view updates to the participant list or shared presentations. If you have access to Wi-Fi or 4G networks, you may be able to use voice and data services simultaneously. Alternatively, consider using VoIP (if available on your device) to connect to your meeting audio.

  • Sharing your video feed during a meeting from the iPad or iPhone

    You can use your mobile device's built-in camera to share your video feed with the other meeting attendees.

  • Seeing other video feeds on the iPad or iPhone

    You can view multiple participants' video feeds simultaneously in multi-channel, high-quality video. Participants sharing their video will show up on your screen. (Participants who are not sharing their video feeds will appear as silhouettes.) Scroll back and forth to see all attendees. With voice-activated switching you can automatically see who is speaking.

    You can also view full-screen video. Just pinch out to enlarge the view. Go back to the presentation by tapping on the screen. Tap on the button above the speaker's video to minimize all video and focus on the presentation.

  • Chat with other participants

    Tap on the participant icon in the upper right of the screen. From the list, choose one individual or all participants to chat with. Select who you want to chat with and then enter your message in the dialog box and hit send. If video is being shared, you can chat directly from the video carousel. Tap a participant and choose to chat with that individual or with the entire group.

    To transition back and forth between the presentation and chat, tap the cancel button in the chat window and be returned to the presentation.

  • Presenting content from your iPad and iPhone

    You can share a file during a WebEx meeting on your iPad from Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, from e-mail or your iPad Camera Roll. Supported file types include Google Drive files (Google Document, Google Presentation, Google Drawing), Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), iWork (Keynote, Numbers, Pages), photos from your iPad Camera Roll, and PDFs. Full functionality for content sharing requires WBS28.9+ or WebEx Meetings 1.2 SP7+. This feature applies to WebEx Meeting Center, WebEx Training Center, WebEx Meeting Server (on-premise) and WebEx Meetings Premium plans. WebEx Meetings users can also share files uploaded to a Meeting Space.

    Note: The file sharing feature is not supported on the iPhone. However, you can view content that is being shared by someone else in the meeting. If you are the host, you can pass presenter control to a computer or mobile user who has a device enabled to share content.

  • Passing presenter control

    Tap on a participant's name to view the expanded list of actions. Tap on "Make Presenter" to pass presenter control.

  • What happens when you press the “leave the meeting” button on the home-screen?

    The audio connection continues in the background and you will still be able to listen and talk to other participants. However, your video feed will stop and you will have turn your video back on if you return to the meeting.

  • Sharing your video feed during a meeting

    The person hosting the meeting has to enable video sharing. If video is enabled, then you will see a video icon in your action toolbar, and you can share your video feed by tapping it.

  • What if you don't see the video icon in the action toolbar?

    This may be due to video not being enabled by the host of the meeting.

  • Finding additional meeting information

    • Once in the meeting, you can easily access meeting information:
      • o See who's in your meeting by tapping on the People icon at the top right of your screen. This is the Participant List. You can see how participants have joined the meeting: a mobile,phone, landline phone, or computer-icon will appear next to each name.
      • To view meeting information:
        • Tap the "i" symbol. When you are ready to return to the presentation screen, tap the "i" symbol again. On your iPad, just tap anywhere on the screen. On the iPhone, tap the "←" symbol in the top left.
        • In a WebEx Training Center session, tap the "…" in the upper right, then tap the "i" symbol. When you are ready to return to the presentation screen, just tap anywhere on the screen on your iPad. On an iPhone, tap thee "←" symbol in the top left.