Cisco WebEx Meetings for BlackBerry

Attend meetings on the go with Cisco WebEx Meetings for BlackBerry OS 5, 6, & 7

Cisco WebEx Meetings for Blackberry lets you easily attend, schedule and start meetings from your BlackBerry device. The Cisco WebEx Meetings for BlackBerry app allows you to enjoy the full meeting experience with simultaneous data and audio. Take mobile web conferencing to a whole new level, tap into a Cisco WebEx online meeting, wherever you are!

Meeting Capabilities

Host account capabilities, including:

  • Start or join meetings
  • Make another meeting participant the presenter
  • View shared presentations and applications
  • Zoom in the shared content
  • View the meeting participant list
  • Join an audio conference
  • Mute your own call during audio conference
  • Send chat messages to other meeting participants

Frequently Asked Questions About Cisco WebEx for BlackBerry

I'm not a Cisco WebEx customer. How can I try out the feature of Cisco WebEx Meetings?

To host WebEx Meeting Center meetings using Cisco WebEx for BlackBerry you will need a host account. Please contact your IT administrator to find out if your company has accounts on WebEx Meeting Center.

To join WebEx Meeting Center meetings you can download Cisco WebEx for BlackBerry from BlackBerry World and start using it now.

Note, download Cisco WebEx for BlackBerry version 1.5.1 does not support Cisco WebEx Meetings.

What BlackBerry devices does WebEx Meetings run on?

The BlackBerry devices supported by the WebEx application include:

  • Curve 8520, 9300, 9330
  • Bold 9650, 9700, 9780, 9900/9930
  • Storm 9520, 9550
  • Tour 9630
  • Torch 9800, 9850, 9810, 9860

Is it free to attend a meeting?

Yes, there is no cost to download the Cisco WebEx Meetings for Blackberry app or to attend any Cisco WebEx meetings you've been invited to join.

How do I download Cisco WebEx Meetings for Blackberry?

The app can be downloaded directly from Blackberry World or when prompted to download the app after clicking on a meeting invite URL in an email or calendar event.

What is the most current version of the Cisco WebEx Meetings for Blackberry app?

The latest release of the app for OS 5, 6 & 7 is version 1.5.1 and is available now in BlackBerry World.

A newer release (version 2.0) of the app is available for BB10 only devices now in BlackBerry World.

What is new in version 1.5.1?

  • Single Sign On
  • Schedule, start and cancel a meeting
  • Invite participants
  • Start an instant meeting
  • Start a scheduled meeting from IM or calendar
  • OS 6.0 and 7.0 support
  • Support for BlackBerry Enterprise System (BES) with Mobile Data System (MDS) connections
  • Expanded localization to Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese

What are the system requirements for WebEx Meetings on BlackBerry?

BlackBerry OS 5.0, 6.0, or 7.0 is required

Can I schedule or start a Cisco WebEx meeting?

As a host, you can easily schedule, start, and invite others to your Cisco WebEx meetings from your device. In order to schedule a WebEx meeting, you must have a host account on the WebEx site and be signed in. Once signed in, Calendar mode will default as the first screen available. Select the day you wish to schedule a meeting and access the full menu by either selecting full menu or depressing the track ball. The 'Schedule Meeting' item will become available.

How do I join a meeting?

You can join Cisco WebEx Meetings using one of the following methods:

  • Launch the Cisco WebEx Meetings application to join a meeting.
  • Sign in to your Cisco WebEx account on your device and join from your "My Meetings" screen.
  • Join the meeting through your email invitation or the meeting item in your calendar.

How do I join the audio portion of the meeting?

During a meeting, you have an option of leaving the meeting and staying in the audio conference only. First, select "Leave Meeting" in the full menu then select 'Continue with Audio Only' in the prompt.

How do I navigate around the WebEx Meetings app?

Once running the WebEx Meetings app press your "BlackBerry" key to see a full menu. Press the track ball to see a contextual menu.

Where can I find additional meeting information?

  • Access meeting details from your "My Meetings" screen for your meetings and meetings you are invited to. Select the meeting to see more details.
  • Once in the meeting, you can easily access meeting information:
    • See who's in your meeting by selecting the Participants. You can see how participants have joined the meeting with mobile and computer user icons.
    • To view meeting information, press "Meeting Info" in the overflow menu either on the Presentation or Participants tab. To return to the meeting select the "Back" button.

I am having a hard time viewing content on my device; can I zoom in to see content more clearly?

Yes, WebEx allows you to zoom in on shared content during meetings. To zoom in on shared content, open the contextual or full menu and select 'Zoom'.

How can I chat with other participants?

To chat with other participants, select 'View Participant List' in the full or contextual menu. Select the participant you wish to chat with, then select 'Chat' in the contextual or full menu. Enter your message then select 'Send Message' in the contextual or full menu. Select 'Chat with All' if you wish to send a message to the entire participants list.

Can I present content from my BlackBerry device?

This feature is not supported in this release. You can, however, view content shared from other's computers. In addition, if you are the meeting host, you can pass presenter control to a computer user to share content.

How do I pass presenter control?

In the contextual or full menu list, select 'View Participant List'. Next, select 'Make Presenter' in the contextual or full menu.

How can I leave a meeting without ending it if I am the host?

To leave the meeting you should first make another attendee the host. Select an attendee, and in the full or contextual menu select Make Host. After making another attendee the host, you will have the option to leave the meeting without ending it.

What can I do if I get a message that the Cisco WebEx site does not support joining from mobile devices?

If the site you are trying to join the meeting through is your company site, contact your Cisco WebEx IT administrator to determine whether mobile access can be enabled. In the meantime, please join the meeting from a computer.

Is it possible to the audio conferencing using VoIP?

No, at this time Cisco WebEx Meetings for BlackBerry does not support VoIP.

What are the minimum requirements for WebEx Meeting Center?

The WebEx Meeting Center site on which your meetings are scheduled must be on version WB27SP30 or above for the 1.5.1 release.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Please go to