Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8

Attend meetings on the go with Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8!

Take your meetings anywhere. Join, schedule and start meetings from your Windows Phone 8 device. The Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8 app allows you to enjoy the full meeting experience with simultaneous data and audio. Take mobile web conferencing to a whole new level, make your important decisions faster and more accurately, wherever you are.


Host account capabilities, including:

  • View meetings list
  • Schedule, start, and delete a meeting
  • Invite others to a meeting
  • Mute and expel attendee from meeting
  • Pass presenter/host capabilities to another participant

Meeting Capabilities

  • Join via Cisco WebEx meeting email invite, meeting number, Cisco WebEx site URL, or My Meetings List
  • Audio and web conference on either Wi-Fi or 3G/4G
  • 2-way video
  • Automatic call-back capabilities
  • Join before host
  • View attendee list
  • View shared content with annotations
  • Mute/un-mute
  • Pinch to zoom and scan
  • Private or group chat

Global and Enterprise Ready

  • Single sign-on (SSO) for corporate sites
  • Enable users to join a meeting from behind the firewall using Wi-Fi proxy support
  • End-to-end Encryption for corporate sites
  • Available in 14 languages

Frequently Asked Questions About Cisco WebEx for Windows Phone 8

I'm not a Cisco WebEx customer. How can I try out the feature of Cisco WebEx Meetings?

You can sign up for an account at

Is it free to attend a meeting?

Yes, there is no cost to download the Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8 app or to attend any Cisco WebEx meetings you've been invited to join.

How do I download Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8?

The app can be downloaded directly from the Windows Phone Store.

What is the latest version of the Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8?

The latest release of the app is version 2.0.

What is new in the latest version of the Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8?

In version 2.0, Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8 has added 2-way video. Share your video and view other attendees. Active speaker switching lets you see who is talking and view an individual or see the video of all attendees.

Can I schedule or start a Cisco WebEx meeting?

As a host, you can easily schedule, start, and invite others to your Cisco WebEx meetings from your device. From the My Meetings page, press the 'Schedule' button on the app bar. Enter your meeting topic, date and time, meeting password (optional) and your invitees' email addresses. After you schedule the meeting, you will be returned to the My Meetings page. If you want to start an instant meeting, press "meet now" in the app bar or swipe to the Meet Now page. Enter your meeting topic, meeting password (optional) and your invitees' email addresses. Press 'Start' and you will join the meeting automatically.

How do I join a meeting?

You can join Cisco WebEx meetings using one of the following methods:

  • Go to your Cisco WebEx meeting invitation email and click on the "To join this meeting" link.
  • Launch the Cisco WebEx Meetings app on your Windows Phone 8 device and enter the meeting number.
  • Sign in to your Cisco WebEx account on your device and join from your My Meetings screen.

How do I join the audio portion of the meeting?

Once you enter your meeting, an audio prompt will appear. To receive a call-back, select the Call Me option. You will need to enter a call-back number in the Call Me screen. Select the option to "Auto call me" if you would like Cisco WebEx Meetings to automatically dial this number every time you join a meeting. You will receive a call to join the meeting, so please answer the call and then manually return to the Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8 app. This feature is not available in all regions. If the call-back feature is disabled, you will be prompted to call-in to the audio portion of the meeting instead.

To call into a meeting, press "meeting information" in the app bar to access the call-in numbers. You will then be able to call-in to the available audio bridge call-in numbers by pressing any number.

If you wish to join the meeting using Internet voice conferencing (VOIP), select the "Connect Using Internet" option in the audio prompt. Select this option and be instantly connected to the audio using the Internet.

How do I use video from my Windows Phone 8 device?

  • Tap the video icon in the app bar to see your video self view and start sending your video.
  • Tap the video self view to switch between your front and rear cameras.
  • Tap on the Content page to view all meeting attendee videos via a scrollable strip.
  • With self view opened, your video strip displays one person's video at a time. Close your self view to see two people simultaneously.
  • When viewing content in full screen mode only the active speaker and self view will be displayed.
  • Active speaker and self views can be minimized.

Are both portrait and landscape modes supported?

Both landscape and portrait modes are supported when content share is being viewed by the Windows Phone 8 user. When content is not being viewed, the application is designed to be used in portrait mode.

Can I invite people to my meeting from the app?

Yes, with the app's host capabilities you can invite people to your meeting by pressing 'Invite' in the app bar. You can use the contacts integration to easily invite your phone's contacts or manually enter in email addresses.

Where can I find additional meeting information?

  • Access meeting details from your My Meetings screen for your meetings and meetings you are invited to. Select the meeting to see more details.
  • Once in the meeting, you can easily access meeting information:
    • See who's in your meeting by swiping to the Participants page.
    • To view meeting information, tap "meeting information" in the app bar.

Why does the Cisco WebEx Meetings app stop working when I join the audio call?

If you are using a CDMA network, such as Sprint or Verizon, network limitations prevent you from having a voice call and using data services at the same time. In this case, joining the audio portion of the meeting through a voice call means you won't be able to view updates to the participant list or shared presentations. If you have access to Wi-Fi or 4G networks, you may be able to use voice and data services simultaneously. Alternatively, consider using VoIP to connect to the audio portion of the meeting.

Why is my phone call put on hold when I return to the meeting?

If you answer a phone call while in a meeting and then tap the meeting notification to return to the meeting, your phone call is put on hold. Press the Back button on the device instead of tapping the notification to avoid placing the call on hold.

How can I chat with other participants?

From the participant list, choose one individual or all participants to initiate chat. For individual chat, select the participant you want to chat with and then enter your message in the dialogue box and hit the 'Send' icon. Tap the "Chat with All" button at the bottom of the screen to chat with all attendees, then enter your message and hit 'Send' icon.

To return to the Participants page, tap the device hard key Back button.

Can I present content from my Windows Phone 8 device?

This feature is not supported with this release. You can, however, view content shared from other's computers. In addition, if you are the meeting host, you can pass presenter control to another user on a device with sharing capability.

Check back for future releases which may have this feature implemented.

How do I pass presenter control?

Long press on the participant you wish to pass presenter control to from the participant list on the Participants page. From the overflow menu select "make presenter".

What can I do if I get a message that the Cisco WebEx site does not support joining from mobile devices?

If the site you are trying to join the meeting on is your company site, contact your Cisco WebEx IT administrator to determine whether mobile access can be enabled. In the meantime, please join the meeting from a computer.

What audio conferencing is supported?

WebEx Audio, Third Party Telephony PSTN audio are supported (requires T28 and above).

If you do not use integrated WebEx Audio then you will need to manually join the audio conferencing on a phone.

What sites support Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8?

  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center WBS T28 - without one-click support
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center - WBS T29.1 or higher with one-click support
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center - WBS T29.3 or higher - Single Sign-on
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings 1.3.1 or higher - with one-click support

Is Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8 available globally?

Yes, this application works wherever Windows Phone 8 devices are supported.

What devices does Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8 run on?

All devices running OS Windows Phone 8.0 are supported. Video is only enabled for devices with 1GB of memory and above.

The devices below have been tested with video support:

  • Samsung ATIV Odyssey
  • Samsung ATIV S i8750
  • HTC 8x
  • HTC C620Nokia Lumia 625
  • Nokia Lumia 820
  • Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928
  • Nokia Lumia 1020
  • Nokia Lumia 1520

The devices below have been tested without video support:

  • Nokia Lumia 510, 520, 521,
  • Nokia Lumia 620
  • Nokia Lumia 720
  • Huawei W1

What languages are supported?

Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8 is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Dutch (Netherlands).

Who do I contact for technical support?

Please go to