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Searching for users and administrators

The User tab provides a powerful search facility to quickly and easily locate specific users in your organization. The search facility is especially handy when your organization contains hundreds of users because it offers several ways or filters, which you can use to search for specific users.

Filters enable you to limit the number of user records showing at any one time. The following table lists the different filters available to search for users.


List by


All Users

Enter at least one letter of the user's first or last name. All active users with a name matching those letters are displayed in the search results.

Employee ID

Enter the exact employee ID of the user. This function is only visible when the organization has been turned on as a directory integrated organization.

Inactive Users

Select Inactive Users and select Search to view all inactive users. To narrow down the search results, specify the starting letters of the user's first name or last name.

Organization Administrators

Select this option and select Go to display all users with Organization Administrator privileges.

User Administrators

Select this option and select Go to display all users with User Administrator privileges.

Meeting Users

This option is displayed only if your Cisco WebEx Connect Organization is integrated with Cisco WebEx Meeting application.

Select Meeting Users and select Go to view all users that have a Cisco WebEx Meeting application account. In this case, you cannot search for users who do not have a Cisco WebEx Meeting application account.

Logged Users

Select Logged Users and select Go to view all users whose IM sessions are currently being logged for archival. The search results also show the archiving endpoint these users are associated with.

To search for users or administrators:

  1. In the Search drop down list, select the applicable search criteria. See the preceding table for a description of each search criterion.
  2. Depending on what search criterion you have selected, enter the corresponding search term. For example, if you have selected All Users, enter at least one letter of the user name in the search field.
  3. Select Search to display the list of users that match the search criteria as shown in the following graphic.




  4. If the search result displays more users than can fit on one page, you can use the arrow icons (>> and <<) at the bottom of the page to navigate through the search result.



    Note: Searching for only active users is currently unsupported. To view a list of active users, you need to first export all the users in your Cisco WebEx Connect organization and then view the active users in Microsoft Excel or a CSV editor of your choice. To learn how to export users, see Importing and exporting users.


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