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Connect Space Activity

The Connect Space Activity Report includes details about the activity that has occurred in all the Spaces belonging to your Cisco WebEx Connect Organization. This report is only useful if your organization uses the Spaces feature in Cisco WebEx Connect. The report includes the following details:




Space Name

Displays the name of the Space.

Space Owner

Displays the Cisco WebEx Connect user name of the owner of the Space.

Number of Meetings

Displays the number of meetings initiated from the Space.

Number of Telephony Calls

Displays the number of telephony calls initiated from the Space.

Number of Login Into Space

Displays the total number of logins into the Space for the month.

Additional Storage Used(MB)

Displays the amount of additional storage (in MB) used in the month.

This metric is calculated as follows:

Additional Storage Used=Storage Used–Storage Freed Up. This can be a negative number.

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