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Cisco WebEx Command-line Parameters

This section includes command-line parameters used in the Cisco WebEx installer. The command-line parameters are passed into the Installer executable WebExConnect.exe or the MSI package apSetup.msi, or directly added into the MSI package. The following example explains the syntax and usage of the RUNATONCE command-line (or MSI) parameter.

msiexec /i "C:\apsetup.msi" RUNATONCE="YES"


  • msiexec=the command for invoking the Windows Installer (formerly known as the Microsoft Installer)
  • /i=the switch or the install option (here, i is the switch to install or configure the Cisco WebEx Installer)
  • C:\...: the path where the Cisco WebEx Installer file is located
  • RUNATONCE: the parameter supported by the Cisco WebEx Installer
  • YES=the value of the (RUNATONCE) parameter

For a list and description of all the command-line parameters supported by the Cisco WebEx Installer, see Command-line Parameters.

You can also use the following parameter to "silently" install Cisco WebEx: /qn.

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