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Entering user provisioning information

User provisioning includes specifying user-provisioning information such as registration, and fields required when creating a user's profile. The settings you make here impact when users are provisioned in your Cisco WebEx Connect Organization. For example, if you set specific fields as mandatory here, the user needs to compulsorily fill in those fields when creating the user profile.

Cisco WebEx Connect customers can enable self-registration when there is no SAML or Directory Integration enabled. In such a case, the Organization Administrator does not need to specify the registration URL. When registration is not enabled, customers can specify a custom web page. Any user trying to register with an email address that matches with customer’s domain will be redirected to the custom web page. Customers can use this webpage to display information about their internal processes required for creating a new Cisco WebEx Connect account. For example, To obtain the Cisco WebEx Connect service, send an email to, or call +1 800 555 5555.

To enter user provisioning information

  1. Click the Configuration tab to open the Organization Information screen as the default view.
  2. Under System Settings, click User Provisioning to open the User Provisioning screen.




  3. To enable users to self-register for an account on Cisco WebEx Connect, click Enable user self-registration using Cisco WebEx registration page. The URL for the self-registration page is The Cisco WebEx Connect Organization Administrator typically provides this URL.






    • If you do not select Enable user self-registration using Cisco WebEx registration page, the Custom Registration URL field and the Custom Message box is displayed.
    • In this case, you will need to enter the URL for the custom user registration page.
    • See the next step for information on entering the custom user registration page.


  4. In the Custom Registration URL field, enter the URL of the customized self-registration page. If you do not enter a custom URL, the following self-registration page (default) URL will be displayed:
  5. In the Custom Message box, enter a description for the custom self-registration page.
  6. To notify the Organization Administrator via email each time a user registers using the self-registration page, select Send notification to Administrator when users self register using Cisco WebEx registration page.
  7. Under Set mandatory fields for user profile, select the fields that should be compulsorily displayed each time a user's profile is created or viewed. These fields will always appear each time you:
    • create a new user
    • edit an existing user profile
    • import users from a CSV file
  8. Click Save to save the user provisioning information.
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