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3 Keys to Building Alignment and Accountability

3 Keys to Building Alignment and Accountability
Ready for a bold start in 2014?  Invite your entire team to this special kick-off event to learn how to supercharge your goal setting, create buy-in, and build a motivated and aligned work environment!

Blanchard performance expert John Hester will share the three keys all leaders need to focus on to get a team, department, or organization moving in the same direction and firing on all cylinders.
 You’ll learn:
  • One simple exercise that will identify the current level of alignment in your organization—and how to get realigned with goals that are motivating and measurable.
  • The one thing that has to be in place before you can have an accountability conversation and the four types of conversations that leaders need to master to build competence and commitment.
  • The leader behaviors that diminish motivation and accountability—and how to correct them.
Make 2014 everything you hope it can be by looking at your current levels of alignment, engagement, and accountability and some of the strategies and practices you can put in place to make this your organization’s best year ever.  Join us for this free webinar and get your year off to a bold start!


  • John Hester

    John Hester

    Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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