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5 Quick Steps to Recession - Proof Your Sales Team

5 Quick Steps to Recession - Proof Your Sales Team
Please join Razi Imam, CEO, Landslide Technologies, Inc. to discuss 5 ways to protect you and your sales team from an apprehensive market climate.
Increasing pressure to improve performance and revenue, matched with uncertainty and dictates for buyers to cut costs are creating a 'perfect storm' for salespeople and sales managers. How can you overcome these obstacles without going into a vicious cycle of cost cutting and decreasing margins?

In this talk show, Razi will show you how you can thrive in uncertain times by:
  • Using a consistent sales process to develop predictably solid performance across the sales team.
  • Embedding sales tools to lift the effectiveness of B and C level salespeople.
  • Increasing forecast accuracy by creating 'no opinion' views of your sales pipeline.
  • Decreasing ramp-up times for new sales hires by having them follow a proven sales roadmap.
  • Offloading the sales administration work of your salespeople, immediately lowering the cost per sale and the amount of time spent doing non-selling activities.
All through the talk show and at the end of the discussion, Razi will take questions from the audience.


  • Razi Imam

    CEO Landslide Technologies

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