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5 Ways to Leverage WebEx to Create Sticky Customers

5 Ways to Leverage WebEx to Create Sticky Customers
Is WebEx simply a cost-saving mechanism, or are you using it for competitive advantage?  

Join WebEx Technology Expert Susan McEvilly and Webinar Interaction Guru, Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, to discover five secrets to transform WebEx into a customer retention powerhouse. They’ll show you how to find more customers, create better relationships, and propel customer loyalty to new heights.   

Effectively used, WebEx can be a remarkable social technology.  

Don’t miss this energizing webinar that bridges the WebEx technology with the social aspects of connecting in the cloud.
You’ll learn…
  1. What you need to know about the social side of webinars, and what to do about it.
  2. How to use the right tool for the right audience, any why each is so important.
  3.  How to meet the unique expectations of an online audience. 
  4. How to use the technology to enhance, not overshadow, your content.
  5. How to set the right expectations that will insure your success.


  • Susan McEvilly

    Susan McEvilly

    Meet Me in the Cloud, LLC, WebEx Technology Expert

  • Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.

    Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.

    Bridge the Distance, Webinar Interaction Guru

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