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6 Keys to Creating Learning Experiences that Inspire and Engage

6 Keys to Creating Learning Experiences that Inspire and Engage
Leaders, like teachers, transform people’s lives. That’s because leadership and teaching are both focused on bringing out the brilliance that exists within people. But what often happens is that people who teach—in classrooms, meetings, workshops, or any setting where learning happens—don’t know how to bring out the best from others effectively. They tell people what to do, rather than teach them how, and are often disappointed in the outcomes.

In this presentation, applied learning expert Dr. Vicki Halsey will show you how to structure your presentations in a way that deeply engages and energizes learners because it keeps them front and center every step of the way.

You’ll learn how to create content that is clear, relevant, easily absorbed, and readily retained because it is tailored to each audience’s specific needs, abilities, and inclinations.

Drawing from her new book, Brilliance by Design, Vicki will share a six-step ENGAGE model that radically improves the learning transfer process to drive optimum individual and organizational results.

You will learn proven ideas, strategies and practices that will enable you to:
  • Energize learners at the beginning of any learning session;
  • Help them Navigate the new content and Generate personal meaning and relevance from it
  • Apply their learning to the real world
  • Gauge and celebrate their progress
  • Extend their learning to action
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to dramatically improve your effectiveness for sharing new concepts, ideas, and content!


  • Dr. Vicki Halsey

    Dr. Vicki Halsey

    Vice Pres. of Applied Learning, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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