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Adding Video to Your Website Just Got Easier

Adding Video to Your Website Just Got Easier
More than a powerful video streaming platform, EduVision developed by JDL Horizons is a full-featured communications package that provides any school, district or association with its own Internet television broadcast station. It's built around Flash-format video streaming, the simplest and most trouble-free technology available for users of all popular computer operating systems and works with a full range of Web browsers. Unlike more technically involved video solutions, EduVision requires virtually no upfront investment in either technology or technical training. JDL Horizons provides complete portal management, hosting and distribution, including customization for your stand alone portal or embedding video in your own website.

What you will learn...
  1. How placing your video into your website can be easy & affordable
  2. How student created video engages them in their learning
  3. How to easily stream live events anywhere
  4. How to publish video using your own rules, safely & securely
  5. The power of syndication and sharing video content with trusted partners
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  • Sally Lindgren Ph.D

    Coordinator of Technology Services, Great Prairie Area Education Agency (GPAEA), Burlington

  • Paul Saxton

    Media Teacher, Eagan High School

  • Brian Mull

    Director of Innovation, November Learning

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