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Ask the Expert about Large Virtual Events

Ask the Expert about Large Virtual Events
Ask the Expert about Large Virtual Events

Are you thinking about extending your traditional face-to-face events to online attendees in your enterprise? Learn best practices from the best in the business!

Extend your events virtually to help your organization:

  • Extend your reach to remote attendees without additional travel cost.
  • Extend convenience for a wider choice of keynote speakers and experts.
  • Extend collaboration to include video, live, and recorded content, as well as online discussion.
  • Extend your budget to do more with less.
Join us for a lively 30-minute conversation with a Cisco WebEx Advanced Services expert Pam Tucker. Get 'make it or break it' tips for successful company meetings, sales meetings, product launches, and user conferences.


  • Adrena Vaquilar

    Sr. Mgr. Production Services

  • Pam Tucker

    Global Project Management Consultant

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