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Become a tech-savvy educator: Discover the resources to get you there

Become a tech-savvy educator: Discover the resources to get you there
Improve education in your school and district.  This informative WebEx helps you understand the vast online resources available.

You'll be guided through the various websites and we'll explore the numerous communication channels that are available to you, such as email, educator resource centers, social media, and video. We'll also discuss the various publications and email newsletters that will make you a more effective educator-whether in a classroom or a pivotal administrative position.

Have a chance to meet the editors of eSchool Media and learn where to find the resources you need to become a tech-savvy educator to help transform your school and achieve educational goals.

You'll learn where to find:

  • Collections of resources on the hottest topics and challenges you face each day
  • The latest Grant and Funding news, plus information
  • Breaking ed-tech news
  • Education Technology Videos
  • Ways to connect to peers and share comments and ideas
  • Comprehensive list of the on-going ed-tech conferences
  • And much more!
Presented by Gregg Downey, a veteran of the education industry and Publisher and Editorial Director of eSchool Media's 3 publications; eSchool News, eCampus News, and eClassroom News.


Educator Series: Tech in Education

Learn how improve your success using technology in education by watching the following WebEx recordings. Find out how to better reach the i-Generation, improve cost effectiveness, deliver engaging multimedia content, understand what students are thinking and better meet the needs of today's youth.


  • Gregg Downey

    Editorial Director and Publisher

  • Dennis W. Pierce Jr.


  • Nancy David

    Director of Online Services

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