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Best Practices in Global Training Programs

Best Practices in Global Training Programs
Many organizations are quickly moving to a global focus for their training initiatives, evolving from function-specific or country-centric training. But effective global training is much more than translating existing content and curriculum.

Global training success requires that learning leaders consider technology, legal issues, culture, business process and of course, development of world-class content tied firmly to business strategy. This webinar looks at best practices in global training. It will offer information on how to:

  • Align training with global business strategy
  • Identify potential delivery hurdles
  • Integrate language, cultural and other international considerations
  • Identify data security and legal compliance issues
  • Plan for business continuity
  • Determine vendor expectations
  • Illustrate global training via case studies


  • Dr. Casey Mulqueen

    Director of Research, The TRACOM Group

  • David Collins

    Vice President and General Manager, The TRACOM Group

  • Sean Essex

    Director of Marketing, The TRACOM Group

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Tracom Group

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