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Beyond Engagement: Key Strategies for Government Leaders

Beyond Engagement: Key Strategies for Government Leaders
In agencies where employee work passion is high, people willingly exert discretionary effort. They talk positively about the organization to friends and family. They support their colleagues without it being a required part of their job. They are loyal. They intend to stay, perform well, and inspire others.

A recent study by the Partnership for Public Service found that employee satisfaction and commitment in the government were at an all time low. The report found that only:
  • 46.3% of respondents feel personal empowerment
  • 42.6% feel their senior leaders instill motivation and commitment
  • 50.7% feel they are involved in decisions that affect their work
There are key factors agencies can focus on to foster work passion in their people. In this webinar, Drea Zigarmi, PhD, Researcher, and Founding Associate at The Ken Blanchard Companies will show you how Employee Work Passion creates a positive emotional state of mind, which results in desired attitudes and behavior including a willingness to apply discretionary effort, long-term commitment to the agency, peak performance, and job satisfaction. You will learn:
  • The distinction between Employee Work Passion and Engagement
  • How to generate Employee Work Passion within your agency
  • Key factors that influence intent and behavior
  • 5 intentions passionate employees demonstrate

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Employees who have work passion generally have:

  • A sense of meaning beyond simply making a salary
  • The autonomy and flexibility to give their all at work
  • Opportunities for growth, collaboration, and feedback
  • A sense of connectedness to their managers and colleague

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your organization and leaders to be more aware and focused to create work environments that motivate people to give their all.


  • Drea Zigarmi, PhD.

    Drea Zigarmi, PhD.

    Founding Associate, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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