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Bringing Out the Best in Others

Bringing Out the Best in Others
The purpose of leadership is to bring out the best in others. People aspiring to leadership need the skills, know-how, and attitude to bring out the best in the people who report to them.

In this webinar, Senior Consulting Partner Ann Phillips of The Ken Blanchard Companies will explore the needs that all employees have and what leaders can do to fulfill them. The result is an environment that brings out the best in people-both in the workplace and in other aspects of their lives.

In this session you'll learn:
  • How to discover the emotional needs of others. How to listen and hear the meaning behind people's words. The importance of taking relational risks.
  • How to manage expectations. Bringing out the best in others includes examining your beliefs about leading others. Every interaction begins with you and what occurs within that interaction is up to you.
  • How to turn know-how into action. You'll learn how to take your first step towards changing your behavior in each of these key areas.
Don't miss this opportunity to explore and strengthen your leadership abilities. Join Ann Phillips and discover what you-and other leaders in your organization-can do on a daily basis to engage and bring out the best in others.


  • Ann Phillips

    Ann Phillips

    Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • David Witt

    David Witt

    Program Director, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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