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Building Corporate Social Networks

Building Corporate Social Networks
As an online marketing tool, social networks offer opportunities for your organization to leverage the power of the network to build brand recognition and increase customer loyalty. These sites are designed to facilitate connections among a broad gathering of people so that brand exposure extends far beyond the reach of traditional marketing channels.
To successfully build a corporate social network, you need to be prepared to not only offer content and information of real value to the audience you want to connect with, but to also connect with them at an individual level. This depth of engagement is what inspires participants to share – through word of mouth – their perceptions and preferences for your brand.
Join Paul Moylan and Steve Thompson from Ramius Corporation for this one-hour Webinar as they share tactics and best practices for how to implement social networks and use them to engage your customers.
Learn how to use social networks to:
  • Connect to customers in new ways
  • Stimulate interest in your company's brand
  • Empower customers to become brand advocates
  • Deliver interactive services to your customers
Take away best practices for leveraging social networks as a marketing activity to increase your brand's relevancy and to retain and grow customer relationships.
Visit http://webinars.sixent.com/building-corporate-social-networks to leave questions and comments for Paul and Steve about this topic, and begin building a dialogue in advance of the webinar.


  • Marla Chupack

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Paul Moylan

    Director of Sales, Ramius Corporation

  • Steve Thompson

    Director of Professional Services, Ramius Corporation

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