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Building Your Case: Aligning HR to Your Business

Building Your Case: Aligning HR to Your Business
Successful businesses have strong internal alignment. All departments must align business strategy with culture and values in order to achieve the greatest results and provide the highest impact.

This webinar will take HR pros through the steps of how to build a case for designing and deploying, or improving, the strength of a strategic HR or HCM function.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How to diagnose readiness for yourself, your HR department and your organization.
  • How to align your top organizational goals to your HR or HCM charter.
  • How to develop your road map, including your mission, goals and strategies.
  • How to prepare your team by defining and establishing roles and responsibilities.


  • Christa Dhimo

    Managing Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Salary.com

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