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Building the Business-Driven HR Organization

Building the Business-Driven HR Organization
HR organizations - faced with changing workforce demographics, economic challenges, regulatory requirements and evolving technologies - need ways to deliver ever-greater levels of service, support and business alignment to their organizations. Stacey Harris will offer a look at the characteristics of a high-impact HR organization, based on the results of a new Bersin & Associates study to be published in an eight-part series starting in July. Harris looked at 720 organizations to identify the key trends, best practices and insights found in high-impact HR organizations. Among the commonalities: a financial-driven business case for major HR initiatives; a focus on building innovation and collaboration and creating a "best place to work;" and an understanding that HR's role is not to meet the needs of every employee directly but to train, enable and support managers to run their organizations. This session will cover the top findings of the study that have the greatest business impact.


  • Stacey Harris

    Director of Strategic HR Research, Bersin & Associates

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Bersin & Associates

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