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Building the Capabilities to Lead Agile, People-Centered Companies

Building the Capabilities to Lead Agile, People-Centered Companies
With today’s rapidly increasing challenges and complexity, the gap between the capabilities leaders need and the ones that they have is growing quickly. This gap is showing up both as short-term underperformance and an inability to evolve and adapt over the medium- to long-term. Companies urgently need their leaders to build the capabilities to succeed and thrive in today’s open markets.

In this webinar, Michael Lurie, VP of Enterprise Solutions for The Ken Blanchard Companies, will introduce the Blanchard Leadership Development Framework, a strategic and powerful approach to building the capabilities leaders need to succeed and thrive in today’s complex and constantly changing environment. Participants will explore
  • Crafting a Leadership Development Strategy and Architecture: Learn how to create a comprehensive system of building leadership capabilities at all levels across the company.
  • Creating Integrated Learning Journeys: Learn how to successfully address three key questions: What are the competencies to be developed? What content will best build those competencies? And what learning experiences will do so most effectively and efficiently?
  • Designing for Continual Evolution: Learn how to design a dynamic leadership capability-building system that is always adapting and evolving to meet changing needs and circumstances.
Who Should Attend:
  • HR and OD professionals focused on the design, management, and strategy of learning and development in their organizations.
  • Senior leaders looking to solve complex business issues, achieve measurable results, and develop leadership capacity to improve productivity and performance.
  • L&D decision makers evaluating learning systems and leadership models that build values, skills, and competencies that help people and organizations lead at a higher level.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a powerful, new approach to building leadership capabilities, designed for the twenty-first century.


  • Michael Lurie

    Michael Lurie

    VP of Enterprise Solutions, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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