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Can Game-Based Learning Improve Learning Impact?

Can Game-Based Learning Improve Learning Impact?
During the past year, there has been much discussion about learning gamification and game- based learning. Is all of the hoopla just a passing fancy, or is there substance to games as a learning strategy?

In this session, Dr. Karl Kapp and Bryan Austin will summarize the research supporting learning games. They will differentiate between learning gamification and game-based learning, share the rationale for leveraging games to increase engagement, and provide the business rationale used by organizations to implement game-based corporate learning. Finally, this session will outline research under way to benchmark the performance impact of game-based e-learning versus other modes of training.

At the end of this session, attendees will have a clear idea of where learning games fit in their training strategy and their potential value in improving workforce performance.

Learning objectives:
  • Evaluate training techniques, i.e. game-based learning.
  • Develop, select and implement employee training programs to increase individual and organizational effectiveness.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of employee training programs through the use of metrics.
  • Develop and utilize business metrics to measure the achievement of the organization’s strategic and performance goals and objectives.
  • Develop qualitative and quantitative methods and tools for analysis, interpretation and decision-making purposes.


  • Bryan L. Austin

    Bryan L. Austin

    Chief Game Changer, Game On! Learning

  • Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D

    Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D


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