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Conversational Marketing: Interrupt less and interact more

Conversational Marketing: Interrupt less and interact more
Marketing is undergoing a dramatic shift as technology and social media take hold. This is effecting the way marketing, advertising, publishing and many other professionals do business. PR industry leader Chris Peterson and Eric Vidal from the Cisco WebEx eMarketing Consulting team will talk about how web 2.0 technology is influencing the ability of consumers and corporate buyers to find, rate and share information on products, services and companies. Technology today can help people make decisions on their terms and rely more on trusted networks to do so. With web 2.0 technologies it is faster and easier for people to find the information they need to make so-called 'informed' decisions. This leaves the marketing department with the job of leveraging this technology to be become more proactive in delivering information that can be used in the decision making process. It also means the marketing department will need to leverage web 2.0 technologies to collaborate in new ways that will allow them to gain a competitive advantage.
Please join Mr. Peterson and Mr. Vidal so you can hear their lively discussion and ask questions of these marketing experts. Find out how web 2.0 affects media, agencies, brands, marketing departments and more. 


  • Eric Vidal

    Global Consultant, eMarketing

  • Marla Chupack

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Chris Peterson

    President & Managing Partner of R2C Group and former CEO of Fusion DM and Publicis Dialog

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