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Creating a Fast, Flexible, and Nimble Organization

Creating a Fast, Flexible, and Nimble Organization
When organizational structures, policies, and procedures get in the way of serving customers and the execution of strategy, things have to change. In this webinar, best-selling business author and change expert Patricia Zigarmi will show you how to build a fast and flexible organization that is able to quickly respond to the needs of the marketplace.

You'll learn the six concerns that all employees have when they are asked to change and what leaders can do to reduce resistance and build momentum for moving ahead.

1. Information Concerns: What is the change? Why is it needed?
2. Personal Concerns: How will the change impact me personally? Will I win or lose?
3. Implementation Concerns: What do I do first? How do I manage all of the details?
4. Impact Concerns: Is the effort worth it? Is the change making a difference?
5. Collaboration Concerns: Who else should be involved? How do we spread the word?
6. Refinement Concerns: How can we make the change even better?

With practice, leaders can learn how to diagnose and respond to individuals' predictable concerns on a consistent basis. The result is an organization better able to deal with change now and into the future.Change is a fact of life in today's business environment. Don't allow rigid thinking and an inability to move beyond your company's present change leadership and business strategies limit your chances to adapt and grow.People don't resist change-what they resist is having change done to them.Making sure that your company is change-ready.


  • Dr. Patricia Zigarmi

    Dr. Patricia Zigarmi

    Founding Associate, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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