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Creating a Global Web Communications Strategy

Creating a Global Web Communications Strategy
Creating a Global Web Communications Strategy by Solving Your Multilingual Web Content Puzzle
Join the Gilbane Group and Sitecore in an online panel discussion that will teach you how to create a global content value strategy, and how to sell the proposition within your organization. Gain insights as Gilbane Group shares results from its new study Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative: Why Organizations Need to Optimize the Global Content Value Chain. Learn from prominent companies surveyed in this study what you need to do to create world-class websites spanning the globe and supporting multiple languages.
New research from Gilbane Group confirms that when it comes to delivering multilingual content for global websites, marketing, business, and IT professionals often use whatever resources they have at their disposal to just get it done. Performing tactically, however, is no longer enough to attract international audiences, maintain competitive positioning, and scale to meet demand. Solving your multilingual web communications puzzle means thinking and planning strategically, and selling senior managers and executives on why investing in global content solutions is no longer an option. It's a mandate.
Gilbane's research provides insight into how companies large and small are making the shift from performing tactically to thinking strategically. Based on this research, you'll learn how to make a business case around factors that will push your organization over the tipping point for investment in global content strategies.
In this webinar you will learn how to:
  • Convince upper management of the high ROI that developing strategies for global web content can create
  • Tie your business case to executive hot buttons such as brand consistency and customer experience
  • Deliberately take the steps needed to move from ad-hoc global web communications tactics to a cohesive strategy.


  • Anna Carbonara

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Mary Laplante

    Senior Analyst, Gilbane Group,

  • Darren Guarnaccia

    VP Product Marketing, Sitecore,

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