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Cultivating Employee Work Passion: The New Rules of Engagement

Cultivating Employee Work Passion: The New Rules of Engagement
Are your leaders engaging in effective leadership?

A lot of people talk about employee motivation these days—but does anyone really KNOW what factors engage people and HOW to create a motivated work environment where employees:
  • Brag about your company as a great place to work
  • Invest long-term in their careers at your company
  • Create new and innovative ways to go above and beyond their present job duties
  • Inspire co-workers with a win-win spirit
In this webinar, best-selling author Scott Blanchard will share the results of five years of primary research which uncovers the motivational factors that bring out the natural motivation inherent in people, get employees up-to-speed quickly in new roles, and remove roadblocks to performance.

You’ll explore:
  • The leadership behaviors that build or erode Employee Work Passion
  • The High Road vs. The Low Road: Two approaches to managing performance
  • The financial implications of poor leadership
In today’s competitive work environment every organization needs to intimately understand the job, organizational, and interpersonal factors that hold people back—and what leaders can do about it.

Join Scott Blanchard for an in-depth look at how to create an environment where people WANT to come to work and give you their best. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to bring out the best in your people and how it can impact the performance of your organization.


  • Scott Blanchard

    Scott Blanchard

    Principal and EVP, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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