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Design and Deliver Effective Virtual Sales Presentations

Design and Deliver Effective Virtual Sales Presentations
Learn to significantly improve your ability to sell and present in the virtual environment.  Shorten your sales cycle, beat the competition and close more business.  Virtually anyone involved in the sales process, from sales people and managers, to sales support, engineers and marketing teams will benefit from this free online meeting.  

Tom Drews will help you learn to:
  • Structure your presentation for the virtual environment
  • Add “Hollywood” using photos, visuals, graphics and video
  • Understand the most important principle for selling online
Attend this online meeting for:
  • Tips and best practices for delivering a dynamic sales presentation
  • Strategies for creating interaction and gauging your audience
  • The 5 most common mistakes sales people make and how to avoid them
About Tom
Tom Drews is a leading expert on designing and delivering captivating virtual sales presentations.  He learned to deliver entertaining and engaging programs as a result of spending time as an actor in Hollywood where he studied improvisation.  He has trained staff at Symantec, CLIF Bar, McKesson, Google, and Cisco, to name a few.


  • Tom Drews

    Tom Drews

    CEO and Founder of What Works! Communications

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