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Developing the 21st-Century Leader

Developing the 21st-Century Leader
Countless challenges - notably the rise of global economy and its impact on countries everywhere - have forced leaders worldwide into uncharted territory and redefined what it takes to succeed. Recently, AchieveGlobal completed a worldwide research study to understand what's needed for leaders to be successful today.

The key findings and highlights include:
  • A detailed picture of challenges faced by leaders in the 21st century across geographies and organizational types.
  • Which leadership attributes are most important for overcoming today’s most pressing business issues.
  • Six key performance areas where leaders must show strength to succeed.
  • A new tool to help leaders identify and make use of existing strengths and identify and eliminate potential liabilities.
  • A model for leadership in the 21st century.
Join our free webinar to uncover what makes leaders successful by examining their main challenges and daily practices against the backdrop of a dynamic business climate.


  • Craig Perrin

    Director of Solution Development , AchieveGlobal

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