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Do More with Less: Put Marketing Operations to Work in your Department

Do More with Less: Put Marketing Operations to Work in your Department
Does your 2008 Marketing plan require you to streamline your process, measure your results and improve your return on investment? More and more, marketing departments are being required by the CEO and CFO to drive a growth agenda - in the midst of web-enabled 24 x 7 markets, proliferating communication channels, and reduced headcount and budgets. So how do you do more with less, and faster? Marketing leaders in many industries and in companies large and small are responding by launching transformation initiatives to operate more efficiently, to improve the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and programs, and to better align and measure what marketing does against company objectives. Critical to a transformation are new enabling technologies like Marketing Resource Management (MRM), adoption of a measurement mindset, and the establishment of a centralized Marketing Operations function.In this Aquent-Sponsored webcast, MarketSphere National Practice Director Mayer Becker will discuss the importance and role of a Marketing Operations function in a marketing organization and will lay out a 5-step approach to achieving a successful transformation. These steps include:
  1. Gaining the Commitment
  2. Improving Marketing Processes
  3. Selecting & Implementing Enabling Technologies
  4. Helping Marketing Staff Adapt to Change
  5. Promoting Continuous Improvement
Who should attend this Webcast? This presentation is ideal for marketing managers, directors, and vice presidents of Marketing charged with streamlining their marketing processes and improving their return on investment.
Mayer Becker is a senior member of the MarketSphere Enterprise Marketing Management Practice and has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing management. As a recognized industry thought leader in the fields of marketing operations and automation, Mayer helps clients achieve greater value from their marketing investments through operational excellence. Mayer is a member of the Chicago Chapter of the American Marketing Association, and of the Marketing Executives Networking Group.


  • Marla Chupack

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Mayer G. Becker

    National Practice Director, Marketing Consulting LLC

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