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Don’t Let Your Ego Hijack Your Career—Four Warning Signs

Don’t Let Your Ego Hijack Your Career—Four Warning Signs
Most leaders don’t start out with poor habits and behaviors.  (They would never be as successful as they are if they did.)  But a lack of self awareness combined with an overactive ego can trip up even the best of executives.

In this webinar, writer, researcher, and program director David Witt of The Ken Blanchard Companies explores some of the warning signs that an unchecked ego is working against you and your career.  

Drawing from some of the best thinking in the field of ego and leadership, you’ll learn:
  • The four warnings signs that your ego is hijacking your career and your leadership effectiveness
  • The connection between ego and fatal business decisions
  • How pride and fear keep executives stuck in a never-ending loop of either promoting themselves or protecting themselves
  • Three ways to put ego in its place and maintain a healthy balance

Ego is an essential leadership ingredient, but only when it is kept in balance and not overused to the point where its strengths become a weakness. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn actionable ways to identify, evaluate, and if necessary, rebalance the way your ego is impacting your leadership effectiveness. 


  • David Witt

    David Witt

    Program Director, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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