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Driving Measurable Blended Learning with Virtual Classrooms

Driving Measurable Blended Learning with Virtual Classrooms
Virtual learning technologies have evolved into robust tools for human resources and training leaders.  Yet many companies struggle to find the right blend of face-to-face, virtual, self-paced, formal, and informal learning modalities to meet their needs.

Join Richard Nantel, Co-CEO of Brandon Hall Group, and Faith LeGendre, Senior Consultant at Cisco, as they discuss how leading organizations such as Disney, Genpact, Intel, NIIT, and Teradata are using virtual classroom technologies to drive learning gains and reduce training costs.  This session will reveal up-to-date research and cover current industry trends related to the adoption and use of virtual classroom technology, including video, mobility and social media.

Attendees will leave this session with clear strategies they can apply to:
  • Create high-ROI learning initiatives using virtual classroom technologies
  • Earn the support of senior business leaders
  • Transform company culture to embrace blended learning
  • Create stronger personal connections between learners


  • Richard Nantel

    Richard Nantel

    Co-CEO, Brandon Hall Group

  • Faith LeGendre

    Faith LeGendre

    Senior Consultant, Cisco

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