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Finding the 'Why' Behind Talent Management Technology

Finding the 'Why' Behind Talent Management Technology
A company’s most valuable asset is the people who walk through its doors each day to manage, lead, coordinate and execute. Providing these employees with a first-class experience from pre-hire to retire is the most crucial element to sustaining a successful business and attracting talent that will develop into future leadership, and utilizing cutting-edge technology is a key ingredient to the process.

Join us as Thomas Boyle and Chris Lennon of SilkRoad help attendees discover the “why” behind talent management technology, exploring the capabilities and power of automation and its positive effect on the employee experience and your company’s bottom line.

Register and attend to discover:
  • The power of technology in talent management.
  • How utilizing technology can drive better business results and increase ROI.
  • Why automation of talent management processes can increase engagement and retention.


  • Thomas Boyle

    Thomas Boyle

    Director of Product Marketing, SilkRoad

  • Christopher Lennon

    Christopher Lennon

    Director of Product Management, SilkRoad

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