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Fostering Learning Beyond the Classroom

Fostering Learning Beyond the Classroom
To foster a learning environment that builds upon formal learning, engages employees and creates competitive differentiation, organizations must embrace and support learning wherever it occurs. To do so, we need to provide the tools and technology that enable this to happen, as well as an understanding of how the role of learning professionals is evolving to support learning beyond the classroom. Join us for this one-hour webinar to discover how you can keep your training and development initiative up to pace with the rapidly evolving dynamics of how, when and where employees acquire knowledge. This webinar will cover an introduction to the SuccessFactors learning product and how the acquisition of Plateau Systems has propelled SuccessFactors into a leadership position. 


  • Mark Brandau

    Mark Brandau

    Director, Product Marketing, SuccessFactors

  • Ed Cohen

    Ed Cohen

    Vice President, Learning Product Technology, SuccessFactors

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