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Get Started Now with Dashboards: The 9 Best Practices for Speeding Decisions

Get Started Now with Dashboards: The 9 Best Practices for Speeding Decisions
There's no question that companies are forcing the marketing organization to become accountable for results – and how it helps drive shareholder value. But marketers can only do so by getting a true read on how marketing programs are contributing to overall revenues and profits. To solve these challenges, many companies are using or are introducing marketing dashboards - your marketing organization is probably one of them.
By putting the right metrics, resources, processes and technologies in place, you can use dashboards to not only measure marketing performance but to also engage in scenario planning and experimental design at a tactical level. From an organizational perspective, marketing dashboards facilitate a culture of marketing accountability and progressive improvement.
But how do you build and maintain an effective dashboard project? How do you know yours is solving the challenges it was designed for?
Join us for a complimentary webcast in which you'll learn about the value of marketing dashboards as a stimulus for disseminating marketing performance information to decision makers, for instilling an organizational focus on marketing accountability, and for defining marketing benchmarks and goals.
You'll learn:
  • Why dashboards will help you improve your visibility into key marketing data
  • How dashboards will help you and your team use marketing information more effectively
  • How dashboards will accelerate your decision-making
  • How to use dashboards to get your colleagues on the same page
  • The 9 best practices that will get you up-and-running quickly and effectively
Jeff Zabin, Research Fellow at Aberdeen Group, will speak and share insights from his recently published benchmark study 'Marketing Dashboards: Visualizing Smarter Marketing Decisions'. The report is based on surveys of over 725 organizations and provides a comprehensive roadmap for implementing successful marketing dashboards. Elissa Fink, VP of Marketing at Tableau Software, will then demonstrate a live case study of how Tableau has built an effective dashboard project that is speeding marketing decision-making, explaining results, and being used regularly by executives, sales and even product development.


  • Anna Carbonara

    Moderator, American Marketing Association

  • Jeff Zabin

    Research Fellow at Aberdeen Group

  • Wade Tibke

    Senior Marketing Manager, Tableau Software

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