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Getting the Most Value from Your Tuition Assistance Program

Getting the Most Value from Your Tuition Assistance Program
As competition continues to rise in the global marketplace, the need for a highly skilled and educated workforce is evident, as is the need to retain top performers through competitive benefits. Tuition assistance programs are frequently leveraged in support of recruiting and retention efforts; however, many tuition programs are underutilized. Whether you have yet to establish one, are managing one internally or are outsourcing, understanding the challenges and opportunities of tuition programs can go far in helping you to make the most of this much-valued employee benefit. In this Talent Management magazine Webinar, sponsored by General Physics, join Heidi Milberg, director of the Learning Solutions Group, as she shares the challenges of corporate tuition programs and how companies can get the most value from them.

About the speakerHeidi Milberg is responsible for the growth and development of GP's training and tuition business process outsourcing practice, knowledge management solutions and e-learning services. She has more than 15 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing training and tuition outsourcing solutions and has led the strategy, implementation and ongoing operational efforts for numerous outsourcing engagements at Fortune 100 companies. She holds a BBA from the University of Miami and is pursuing an MBA from Wayne State University. In 2007, Milberg led a GP-sponsored Tuition Symposium, bringing together the leaders of corporate tuition programs for information sharing, benchmarking and networking opportunities. She shares her insights in a recently published white paper: 'Getting the Most Value from Your Tuition Assistance Program,' available on GP's corporate Web site at www.gpworldwide.com/tuition_management 


  • Heidi Milberg

    director of Learning Solutions Group, General Physics Corp

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