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HR Analytics – A Pathway to Business Impact

HR Analytics – A Pathway to Business Impact
More than ever, as HR organizations strive to enhance both their business alignment and impact, decision support is becoming a key attribute of High Impact HR organizations. While many organizations struggle with how to make this happen, Bersin & Associates will present its research and a common-sense approach to building and maintaining a capability that both informs and drives business decision making. Participants will gain an understanding through a state-of-the-industry view of:
  • The importance and impact of quality HR measurement on talent and business outcomes.
  • How analytics helps address critical talent challenges organizations face today.
  • How to evolve and mature your analytics capability.
  • How current technologies can be readily leveraged to build an analytics capability that enhances both the prioritization and outcome achievement of your human capital initiative.


  • Charles Goretsky

    Charles Goretsky

    Principal Consultant, Bersin & Associates

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