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HR Recruiting Goes Virtual

HR Recruiting Goes Virtual
This webinar will explore some of the new creative solutions for recruiting and how complex HR functions are now going virtual. We will hear examples of how organizations such as KPMG, CareerBuilder.com and West Corp. leveraged virtual environments to reach more recruits at a lower cost and get detailed analytics and intelligence on their audience.

You will also be able to collaborate directly with a vice president of HR who is right in the middle of this virtual HR movement.

In this interactive webcast you will learn:
  • How to engage with a global audience to recruit 24/7/365.
  • How to reduce costs and do more with less.
  • Make the screening process more efficient by communicating and filtering candidates prior to scheduling a face-to-face interview.
  • The challenges and successes in virtual recruiting.
  • Receive a free white paper that provides details and case studies on virtual recruiting, on-boarding and training.


  • Eric Vidal

    Eric Vidal

    Director of Product Marketing, Virtual Environments, InterCall

  • Dan Veytsman

    Dan Veytsman

    Vice President of Human Resources, InterCall

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