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HR Reorganization and the Essential Role of Technology

HR Reorganization and the Essential Role of Technology
Nissan has been through some turbulent times, including 30 years of continuous growth, near bankruptcy in 1999, a headquarters relocation and the current economic challenges in the auto industry. However, Nissan has emerged as a successful, profitable and trusted car company. The result of this tumultuous journey was increased levels of employee turnover, the re-tasking of corporate training and OD functions and pressure to consolidate key HR processes across all countries and affiliates.

Learn how Nissan addressed the resulting three challenges:

  • Significantly reduced succession depth.
  • Little development of top talent.
  • Lack of consistency and discipline with key HR processes.

Nissan was not only able to recover, but also to increase profits about 10 times and increase return on invested capital about 15 times (from 1999 to 2005). Likewise, Nissan has continued to perform well through the current challenges with strong sales and improved market share.


  • Jim Irvine

    Talent Management and Organizational Learning, Nissan North America

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