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Helping Military Veterans Transition to the Workforce

Helping Military Veterans Transition to the Workforce
When our soldiers come home, they face a daunting task: trying to find work in a non-military setting. They have to translate their military skills to public and private sector jobs. Making the transition is difficult. There's help out there but much of it is bureaucratic and slow. In the meantime, these folks need jobs and they need them now.

VETSourcing, in conjunction with Darkhorse Benefits, has put together a program for helping Vets get the training they need to enter the workforce. Focusing on skills that allow them to thrive in today's professional landscape, the program focuses on the following:
  • Self-discipline, resilience and strong work ethic are essential
  • Teamwork and technology focus
  • Ability to grasp the big picture and stay mission focused
  • Telecommuting skills: getting the job done from anywhere
In this online meeting, you will learn more about VETSourcing, Darkhorse Benefits and the program they have put together to help Vets. Whether you are a Vet looking for a way to enter the workforce or a business with opportunities for Vets, you'll get answers in this WebEx.

Please share this valuable video conference with anyone you know that has returned from military service and is looking for a way to get the skills they need to join the workforce.


  • Steve Urquhart

    Steve Urquhart

    Founder, VETsourcing

  • Rob Mott

    Rob Mott

    Founder, Dark Horse Benefits

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