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How Kaiser Permanente Ensures That Their Advertising Thrives

How Kaiser Permanente Ensures That Their Advertising Thrives
What gave Kaiser Permanente the confidence to run a courageous, non-traditional and provocative health care TV commercial? Market Research. However, when testing a potentially polarizing commercial about living with cancer, just another survey simply would not do.

This webcast will take a look at the research story behind one of Kaiser's boldest advertisements, "Saturday". Specifically, you will learn how Kaiser, through a real-time hybrid approach, was able to dig deeper with survey respondents to tease out their underlying perceptions and ideas.

Join Jack Bookbinder, Senior Market Research Consultant at Kaiser Permanente, and Christine Tchoumba, Senior Director of Client Services at iModerate Research Technologies, as they give you a behind the scenes look at their research efforts and provide you with insight that can help you get the most from your research initiatives.

In this session you will learn about:
  • The intricacies of Kaiser's "Thrive Campaign" and the real world outcomes of the advertising research conducted for "Saturday"
  • How Kaiser was able to add the consumers' voice to the data
  • What you can do to ensure your research goes deeper so you can make more informed decisions


  • Jack Bookbinder

    Senior Market Research Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

  • Christine Tchoumba

    Senior Director of Client Services, iModerate

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