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How to Get Beyond False Choices

How to Get Beyond False Choices

Every day, leaders face tough choices: run today’s business or invest for tomorrow? Nurture innovation or drive operational excellence? Most react by making a difficult trade-off to pursue their objectives, but the result is rarely the desired outcome.
Learn how to overcome these dichotomies in a lively session with bestselling author and Cisco executive Inder Sidhu. Challenging conventional wisdom, and drawing on the experiences of private enterprise and public sector alike, Inder will illustrate how the key to decision-making and business success is “doing both” – taking on two seemingly opposing activities and leveraging each for the benefit of the other.
Learn how UK Prime Minister David Cameron, NetFlix CEO Reed Hastings, and even the trapped Chilean miners found success by doing both.
More information at The Economist.


  • Inder Sidhu, Senior VP at Cisco

    Inder Sidhu, Senior VP at Cisco

    Author of "Doing Both"

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