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IP Video Management Systems - One Size Does Not Fit All

IP Video Management Systems - One Size Does Not Fit All
As IP cameras have gained market share, so have the number of VMS solutions. Camera manufacturers provide nominal cost or free entry-level software applications that users quickly outgrow (you get what you pay for...). Recognizing this opportunity, VMS developers created more sophisticated applications to meet these customers' needs.

The right selection might depend on WHO uses the system and WHY. If the VMS is used by security professionals in a full time monitor center, their feature set is more unique than the system used by a casual user who occasionally monitors live video or periodically reviews recorded events. When comparing the needs of these two types of users, it's difficult to build an application that fits both the causal and professional user.

The education VMS features set is unique: they need limited features (as compared to, say, an airport), but they need a huge number of cameras - as they have to monitor thousands of students across sometimes dozens of buildings within a single school district. Integration with access control is common - as there are always areas off limits to unauthorized school visitors or students - and there is also increasing need for integration with point of sale systems in schools, as cafeterias and school marketing departments have turned into commerce centers. Education VMS end users are school people and administrators - not computer savvy technicians - which means they need easy to use systems that don't require a great deal of training.

What You Will Learn
  • What is a VMS?
  • How educational facilities' feature and purchasing requirements differ substantially from commercial users
  • What's the difference in Features The Casual vs. Full Time User Complexity and Price Range of Product Offerings
  • The Influence the Integrator has in the selection process
  • How to choose the correct VMS for your facility
Do not miss this exciting new webcast, as well as the chance to ask questions directly to the panelists.


  • James Whitcomb

    President and CTO, Video Insight

  • Urban Gonzalez

    Donna ISD, Safe Schools Coordinator

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