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Ideas in Motion Forum: One Idea, 165 Countries

Ideas in Motion Forum: One Idea, 165 Countries
Join Dr. Fred Mednick, founder of Teachers Without Borders, in an interactive sesssion. He'll discuss the issues and solutions he faced to enhance the teaching profession and the communities in which these teachers live.

Fred took one idea to a network reaching 165 countries. Attend this interactive forum to learn how the high-school principal, working on his doctorate, saw the power of the internet as an 'international network' of teachers.
  • Learn how TWB reaches out to more affiliates, more often, with more information
  • Explore how Fred's team has overcome issues related to organizational coordination, communication, planning and followup
  • Tap into Fred's insight. Learn how he teaches and gets rapid feedback from around the world
Fred will also discuss how TWB's global network of teachers has coalesced around the Certificate of Teaching Mastery, a five-course program of teacher professional development and introduce the newest version of the TWB toolset, to be launched in Mexico soon.


  • Dr. Fred Mednick

    Dr. Fred Mednick

    Founder, Teachers Without Boarders

  • Debbie Bain

    Moderator, Cisco WebEx

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