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Impact EVERY Student: Simple Strategies That Provide Big Improvement

Impact EVERY Student: Simple Strategies That Provide Big Improvement
With all the options available to promote school improvement, where should we begin? If we're smart, we'll start by being honest. This is an immense, unprecedented opportunity to act on just a few simple structures, elements and actions that will impact teaching and achievement powerfully--and immediately--for every student.

Learn how teams of teachers who meet regularly and continuously to design, test and then adjust their lessons and strategies in light of their results has a profound impact on student achievement. Promote smart, short-term cycles of action, assessment, and adjustment. The key is for educational teams to achieve and celebrate a continuous succession of small, quick victories in vital areas. Teams of teachers who set clear instructional goals may be the most significant act in the entire school improvement process and greatly increases the odds of success. In addition, proven research-based technologies are available that enable teachers and administrators to gather the vital data they need to progress monitor and increase student achievement.

During this workshop, learn how to:

  • Promote team-based, short-term thought and action
  • Effectively use data to progress monitor student gains
  • Produce immediate and frequent wins
  • Tools that can help you increase student achievement


  • Dr. Mike Schmoker

    Author, RESULTS NOW: How We Can Achieve Unprecedented Results in Teaching and Learning

  • Dr. Tina Rooks

    K-12 Educational Consultant Turning Technologies

  • Marion Johnson

    Educational Consultant Turning Technologies

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