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Improving Emotional Intelligence Through Behavioral Style

Improving Emotional Intelligence Through Behavioral Style
Intellect and functional skills are important, but research shows that emotional intelligence is the most important factor in effective leadership. There is a proven link between emotional intelligence and measurable business results. This webinar, sponsored by TRACOM Group, looks at the latest research on the subject of emotional intelligence including:
  • Why emotional intelligence matters.
  • The business case for emotional intelligence.
  • Can emotional intelligence be learned?
  • Improving emotional intelligence through behavioral style.
  • New research on emotional intelligence in the workplace.
Participants will receive a copy of the presentation and a white paper detailing the new emotional intelligence research.


  • David Collins

    Vice President and GM, Training Products

  • Dr. Casey Mulqueen

    Director of Research

  • Sean Essex

    Director of Marketing

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Sponsored by

Tracom Group

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