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Influencing with a Global Mindset

Influencing with a Global Mindset
One of the greatest challenges in today's business environment is leading diverse, multicultural, globally situated teams of employees, partners, suppliers, agents and subcontractors. To lead effectively, global leaders must have a Global Mindset, which is the capacity to navigate successfully across cognitive and geographical space. This engaging Webinar, presented by Kathy Uroda of Lore International Institute and special guest presenters, Dr. Michael Kissida and Dr. David Bowen from Thunderbird School of Global Management, introduces groundbreaking concepts based on the vigorous research of both institutions on multicultural influence and Global Mindset. Participants will explore how to develop a Global Mindset, as well as practical tools and skills for navigating cultural complexities and leading effectively in multicultural environments.


  • Michael Kissida

    Ph.D., Associate vice president for global mindset, Thunderbird School of Global Management

  • David Bowen

    Ph.D., Global management chair, Thunderbird School of Global Management

  • Kathy Uroda

    Vice President of executive education, Lore International Institute

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