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Keeping People Focused and Productive During Uncertain Times

Keeping People Focused and Productive During Uncertain Times
These are extraordinary times. Leaders need to think differently, they need to act differently, and they need to take action rather than sit around and watch things unfold around them. In today's changing economic and political climate, government agencies are feeling the pressure to do more work with fewer people, in less time, in new ways, and with a reduced budget. People look to their leaders for vision and direction.

In this webinar, Senior Consulting Partner Jim Atwood of The Ken Blanchard Companies will show you what leaders can do to keep their people focused, engaged, and productive. You'll learn to:
  • Resist the urge to 'close up' during uncertain times. Even if you don't have all the answers, it's still better to share what you do know, than to leave people guessing.
  • Maintain the right balance between a concern for results and a concern for people. Great leaders know that you have to strike a balance that meets both of these important needs.
  • Manage people's energy. Leadership is about managing energy, and right now it is essential for every leader to manage that energy as effectively as possible.
The best organizations right now are creating well-thought-out plans for people to come together and act. Yet many departments and teams remain at risk in this critical area because people lack clarity regarding exactly what they are supposed to be doing to achieve success on the job.Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to communicate a vision and manage energy in a way that keeps people focused and productive. The result is a strong, aligned organization that can move quickly, boldly, and successfully through any turmoil that may lie ahead.


  • Alan Youngblood

    Alan Youngblood

    Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • Jim Atwood

    Jim Atwood

    Director, Consulting Partner Operations, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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